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The Amazing Reboot?

Everyone should be skeptical about “rebooting” a franchise that’s just ten years old. I was among them, but when I heard that Andrew Garfield was donning the skin-tight suit, I began to hope. I wasn’t expecting Avengers-level fireworks, but as … Continue reading

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Five Favourite Specific Film Genres

I love all kinds of movies – the good, the bad and even the just-good-looking, but there will always be more movies than I can watch, so how to pick which one? Usually, I catch whatever is at the cinema, … Continue reading

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Movie: Hysteria (2011) A movie about the invention of the vibrator. That sounds like a movie that will try desperately to be awkward-funny or too serious, and fail either way. Luckily, this movie is just genuinely funny while reminding us … Continue reading

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God Bless Hollywood

Movie: God Bless America (2011) I’m a big fan of movies where the characters take the law into their own hands. It satisfies that urge we all get at one point when dealing with stupidity. Films like Falling Down, which … Continue reading

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