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Radio Review: I Give It A Year

This week I got the task of seeing a British rom-com from the creator of Borat and Bruno. I admit my expectations weren’t high, though the fact that Stephen Merchant showed up made me ever-so-slightly optimistic. Unfortunately, although it’s made well with generally good … Continue reading

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Radio Review: Oz The Great and Powerful

As promised, here is my prompt review of Oz: The Great and Powerful.  There are so many things this movie does right. Unlike other revisits to fairytales (*cough*Alice*cough*) Sam Raimi manages to make things look incredible and feel just like the … Continue reading

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Radio Review: Cloud Atlas

I’m a bit behind on my reviews! Sorry. Tomorrow I will be prompt with my Oz, the Great and Powerful review. Last week I finally got to see Cloud Atlas for Radio Revolt. It was, if nothing else, an experience. Ambitious or confusing? … Continue reading

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