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In (fucking) Bruges!

Another late night with Skype, another chance to show off great movies my sister might have missed. This time it’s In Bruges by Martin McDonagh, better known these days for Seven Psychopaths – which is on my list. I’ve seen In Bruges before, but somehow it never … Continue reading

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Bad Horror: Blood and Chocolate

As you may know from previous reviews of scary movies, I love bad horror/scary movies, especially if they include the supernatural dating scene. There is just something inherently funny about grand speeches and lovesick looks being paired with bad CGI and plot … Continue reading

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The Great Gatsby

This summer has, so far, been a perfect storm of amazing block-busters, but the next big thing I had to see included no heroes, unless you interpret the title character very differently than I do. The Great Gatsby holds a special place … Continue reading

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Obligatory Star Trek Into My Heart Pun

My full review will be up on today, but here are some expanded thoughts on the film. I will give a massive SPOILER warning when I get to those!

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