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The Croods Review

Apparently, I have an incurable prejudice against a certain type of animated film. Time and time again I am proven wrong, but it has still taken me this long to finally see The Croods. Movies like Megamind, Madagascar 1, 2 and 3, and Kung Fu Panda … Continue reading

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Norwegian Connections in Frozen

I have finally watched Frozen, and as a Norwegian I had a pretty great time finding some of the Norwegian elements in the film. The tourist website, Visit Norway is already using the film to do a bit of promotion. There is … Continue reading

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Favourite Movie Scores for Studying

With the semester almost over and no more radio shows until next year, my time with movies mostly consists of listening to them while I read. So, to procrastinate a bit more productively, I thought I’d share my favourite movie … Continue reading

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Second Place in Scandinavian Film Championship: the best and the worst movies

I am a proud member of Team Trondheim, one of 18 teams that competed in the Scandinavian Film Championship last weekend, and well into this week. Despite serious misgivings on my part, we went all the way to the silver … Continue reading

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Old review: Brave

Since I didn’t get to see any film premiers this week, I thought I’d review a film I saw a while ago and didn’t write about. Pixar’s Brave.  Set in a fantasy version of Scotland, Brave stars the young princess Merida (voice … Continue reading

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