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The Case of the Loneliest Holmes

Before Sherlock proved that the iconic character could survive anything, even Moffat, I wasn’t sure Sherlock had a place in modern television. Then came Sherlock, and everything changed. I saw Sherlock Holmes (2009) next, and then came the second TV-show,  Elementary,  and I loved that too. As … Continue reading

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Why I Loved Man of Steel

I did an explanation post for The Hobbit back in January, and I enjoyed writing it so much I thought I might do something similar for all the big movies this summer – or at least those films I’ve had … Continue reading

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My Two Lincolns

Since most of the crew were busy catching up on work related stuff after Easter, the radio show was still on hiatus last Thursday, which meant no review from me. Instead, I decided to spend the weekend catching up on … Continue reading

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Why I loved The Hobbit

Out of all the fandoms I belong to, I think I’m probably most geeky about Tolkien. At least I was back in my even more awkward than now teenage years. I could answer every question in my official Tolkien Quiz … Continue reading

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Second Place in Scandinavian Film Championship: the best and the worst movies

I am a proud member of Team Trondheim, one of 18 teams that competed in the Scandinavian Film Championship last weekend, and well into this week. Despite serious misgivings on my part, we went all the way to the silver … Continue reading

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Comments regarding the historical accuracy of Kon-Tiki

This is not a review! I just want to get a few points across about the issues regarding the historical accuracy of this movie. First off: Explanations. Kon-Tiki (2012) is the dramatisation of the Kon-Tiki expedition by Thor Heyerdahl and … Continue reading

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The Amazing Reboot?

Everyone should be skeptical about “rebooting” a franchise that’s just ten years old. I was among them, but when I heard that Andrew Garfield was donning the skin-tight suit, I began to hope. I wasn’t expecting Avengers-level fireworks, but as … Continue reading

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