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Norwegian Connections in Frozen

I have finally watched Frozen, and as a Norwegian I had a pretty great time finding some of the Norwegian elements in the film. The tourist website, Visit Norway is already using the film to do a bit of promotion. There is … Continue reading

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The Case of the Loneliest Holmes

Before Sherlock proved that the iconic character could survive anything, even Moffat, I wasn’t sure Sherlock had a place in modern television. Then came Sherlock, and everything changed. I saw Sherlock Holmes (2009) next, and then came the second TV-show,  Elementary,  and I loved that too. As … Continue reading

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Finally, The Desolation of Smaug

If you’re not a fan of the first film, don’t bother with this one. If you liked the first one with a “meh”, then don’t bother with this one, or at least lower your expectations. If you absolutely adored the … Continue reading

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Favourite Movie Scores for Studying

With the semester almost over and no more radio shows until next year, my time with movies mostly consists of listening to them while I read. So, to procrastinate a bit more productively, I thought I’d share my favourite movie … Continue reading

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Quick Day of the Doctor Review

Spoilers! So far the reactions to the Doctor Who reviewers I follow have been over-the-moon positive, and I have to admit I am right there with them. The Day of the Doctor was all we dreamt it could be. I am still … Continue reading

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Why I Loved Man of Steel

I did an explanation post for The Hobbit back in January, and I enjoyed writing it so much I thought I might do something similar for all the big movies this summer – or at least those films I’ve had … Continue reading

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Why I loved The Hobbit

Out of all the fandoms I belong to, I think I’m probably most geeky about Tolkien. At least I was back in my even more awkward than now teenage years. I could answer every question in my official Tolkien Quiz … Continue reading

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