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Finally, The Desolation of Smaug

If you’re not a fan of the first film, don’t bother with this one. If you liked the first one with a “meh”, then don’t bother with this one, or at least lower your expectations. If you absolutely adored the … Continue reading

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Why I loved The Hobbit

Out of all the fandoms I belong to, I think I’m probably most geeky about Tolkien. At least I was back in my even more awkward than now teenage years. I could answer every question in my official Tolkien Quiz … Continue reading

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Second Place in Scandinavian Film Championship: the best and the worst movies

I am a proud member of Team Trondheim, one of 18 teams that competed in the Scandinavian Film Championship last weekend, and well into this week. Despite serious misgivings on my part, we went all the way to the silver … Continue reading

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Five Favourite Specific Film Genres

I love all kinds of movies – the good, the bad and even the just-good-looking, but there will always be more movies than I can watch, so how to pick which one? Usually, I catch whatever is at the cinema, … Continue reading

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Always late to the party: I’m on Twitter now.

It’s not specifically for this blog, and it’s not a personal twitter account. I suppose it’s somewhere in between, which is why I used my gamer name instead. ¬†@TheAnnoyedDroid¬†

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