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Dr. Strange review

A photographic memory, a complicated personality, 177A Blecker street, and Benedict Cumberbatch. Which genius literary hero am I speaking of? It’s Dr. Steven Strange, the charming, flirtatious, magical doctor, played, as the universe dictates, by the equally charming Mr. Cumberbatch. … Continue reading

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Hamlet starring Benedict Cumberbatch Review

I was lucky enough to see the live screening of Hamlet, broadcast all the way to my home town, thanks to National Theatre Live. When it comes to Shakespeare, I am always finding a “new favourite”. I therefore thought I’d take the … Continue reading

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The Case of the Loneliest Holmes

Before Sherlock proved that the iconic character could survive anything, even Moffat, I wasn’t sure Sherlock had a place in modern television. Then came Sherlock, and everything changed. I saw Sherlock Holmes (2009) next, and then came the second TV-show,  Elementary,  and I loved that too. As … Continue reading

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Obligatory Star Trek Into My Heart Pun

My full review will be up on dusken.no today, but here are some expanded thoughts on the film. I will give a massive SPOILER warning when I get to those!

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