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Dr. Strange review

A photographic memory, a complicated personality, 177A Blecker street, and Benedict Cumberbatch. Which genius literary hero am I speaking of? It’s Dr. Steven Strange, the charming, flirtatious, magical doctor, played, as the universe dictates, by the equally charming Mr. Cumberbatch. … Continue reading

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Only Lovers Left Alive Review

Disclaimers are important I think, and perhaps never more so when writing about vampire movies. Personally, I enjoy them a lot, and have followed the vampire as a character, phenomenon and monster through half my life. Vampires are more associated … Continue reading

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Kosmorama Recap, Part Two

The festival is over and done with, all too soon. Here are the rest of my favourite picks: Snowpiercer, The Babadook, and Blue Ruin.

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